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Let us manage it like a hotel, maximizing on its earning potential.
Let us give you peace of mind knowing that your investment is being well taken care of.


  • Routine inspections and maintenance of all plumbing,

  • water treatment, meters, cisterns, pumps, filters, pressure tanks, supply lines floats, ball and check valves, taps, traps, hardware, drain lines, catchment systems, gutters, downspouts and overflows,

  • Routine inspections and maintenance of all electric, main breakers, power supply lines, circuit breaker panels, circuit breakers, cut-off switches, light fixtures, outlets, and appliances,

  • Routine inspections and maintenance of liquid propane gas bottles, diesel holding tanks,

  • Routine inspections of roof, foundation, decking, wood, masonry, tile, glass,

  • Generator maintenance,

  • Solar system maintenance,

  • Pest and termite inspections and maintenance,

  • Yard, garden and pool maintenance

  • Project management as requested relating to repairs and renovations,

  • Waste management

  • Management of all staff; housekeepers, gardeners, pool techs, and all associated sub-contractors,

  • Pre-arrival provisioning and preparations for owners, family and guests,

  • Assistance shipping in villa-related items,

  • Storm and hurricane procedures and preparations,

  • Administrative services; accounting, tax filing, utility payments (APUA, INet, Digicel, Island Coolers, etc), staff payments/cash disbursements, record keeping,

  • Villa marketing, guest management, income/expense tracking,

  • Assistance as requested and where possible if/when a villa should be offered for sale

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